Following the decision to leave the European Union, we understand that there will be some concerns among our many students. We therefore wanted to write to you personally to reassure you of our commitment to supporting you in what is an unsettling and uncertain time.

The University takes great pride in its international outlook, reach and engagement, which are core to our identity. We place great value on the presence and contribution of our students from outside the UK, who enrich all aspects of university life and are part of the very fabric of our academic community.

Whilst none of us yet know exactly how the implications of the referendum will unfold, we are aware that some of you have raised specific questions about what this means for your individual circumstances.

The message being emphasised by the UK government and others is that there will be no immediate change and for now the current arrangements with regard to student loans, the participation in schemes such as Erasmus+ or the visa status of students, will remain as they are.

Whatever the future landscape will look like, the University of Bath is committed to supporting all of our students and will remain truly international in its engagement.

We hope this message reassures you, but if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail:

Professor Peter Lambert
Pro-Vice-Chancellor Learning & Teaching