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Enhancing strategic partnerships

The diverse range of communities we're connecting and partnering with, locally, nationally and globally. Part of the University of Bath Strategy 2021 to 2026.


The Vice-Chancellor speaking at the Our University, Our Future event.
The Vice-Chancellor speaking at the Our University, Our Future event.

To live our mission and achieve our vision fully, our community must be outward-facing. An external focus will help us forge new collaborations, benefit from different perspectives and stay connected to a diverse range of communities locally, nationally, and globally.

We will become more internationally leading whilst staying locally relevant by building stronger and more focussed national and international partnerships. This will help us to achieve what we couldn’t do alone, and enable the knowledge and skills gained to be shared with our local community for mutual benefit.

Our ambition will be to encourage greater research alliances to enhance research quality, and greater proactivity in proposing new collaborative initiatives at local, national, and international levels. We will renew our focus on creating strategic partnerships with business and industry, growing support for innovation and commercial activities within the University.

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We will forge international educational alliances with relevant and mutually beneficial expertise, to improve our own provision and the profile of our courses internationally.

We will extend our philanthropic activities to embrace new partnerships and initiatives.

Closer to home, our new strategy will see the University further develop its civic role and partnerships in Bath and the wider region, by engaging in continuing education, economic development activities, innovation, and community engagement.

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