The collection consists of posters relating to various aspects of European integration purchased by the Library in collaboration with the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies (PoLIS) and the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences as a teaching and research resource for academic staff and students.

Selected to give a representative overview, the posters feature the languages of most European countries, but focus mainly on French, German, and English. They cover a wide range of political and social issues, from the environment to immigration, in a European context, documenting the visual communication of information, ideas and agenda to audiences across the continent. The posters, used to convey complex, sometimes fairly abstract, messages to large groups of people, provide a colourful snapshot of a particular moment in European history.

Most of the posters, which date from the 1990s through to 2012, were produced by or for the European Union; a smaller number were produced by those opposed to it. As part of an evolving European culture, they present views of a common identity while also evidencing the continuing individuality of European Union member states.

Size: Approximately 150 posters.

A catalogue providing full details of the contents of the EU Posters Collection is available in PDF format.