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Further resources for personal tutors

Additional internal and external resources to help you succeed in your role as a Personal Tutor. Includes suggestions for videos, web, books and other content.


The below resources are in addition to the main personal tutoring guidance.

UK Advising and Tutoring (UKAT)

The University of Bath has institutional membership of the UKAT association, enabling all staff to register for free as affiliate members.

The UKAT association is a body of professional practitioners and researchers interested in all aspects of student advising and personal tutoring in Higher Education in the UK.

You can find a variety of resources on their website, including their Professional Framework for Advising and Tutoring.

UHI Mental health conditions toolkit

The aim of this toolkit is to help staff to support students with mental health conditions in universities. It provides a single resource which can be used by all university staff to increase knowledge, understanding and confidence, in order to help students maximise their academic potential. The resource was created by the University of the Highlands and Islands' (UHI) Educational Development Unit.

Articles and Books

A variety of articles and books available to further your knowledge:


To get an idea of some of the challenges different students face while at Bath (and how to support them), it is useful to subscribe to some of the university blogs, such as:

Post-COVID support for young people at university

View a video on the support available.

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