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Honorary graduates, 1966 to 1969

The names of our honorary graduates and which degrees were conferred upon them.



Honorary graduate Degree conferred
The Rt Hon Eric Ashby* DSc
Sir George Dowty* DSc
Professor Sir Ronald Edwards* DSc
Sir Arnold Hall* DSc
The Rt Hon The Lord Hinton OM KBE* DSc
The Rt Hon Aubrey Jones* DSc
Lord Kearton of Whitchurch* DSc
Sir Philip Morris* LLD
Lord Penney OM KBE* DSc
Professor Seymour Redshaw* DSc
Dr Frederick Tinnion* DSc


Honorary graduate Degree conferred
Dr Harold Allen* DSc
Dr Oliver Bulleid CBE* DSc
Dr Ralph Chirnside* DSc
Dr Jared Dixon* LLD
Professor Howard Kearns* DSc
Sir Bernard Lovell OBE FRS* DSc
Professor Frank Robinson* DSc
Air Commodore Frank Whittle* DSc


Honorary graduate Degree conferred
The Rt Hon Edward Boyle* LLD
Professor Leopold Escande* DSc
Professor Michael Lighthill* DSc
Dr George Moore* LLD
Dr Thomas Whittet CBE* DSc
Baroness Wootton of Abinger* DSc


Honorary graduate Degree conferred
Sir Frederick Bawden* DSc
Dame Kathleen Lonsdale* DSc
The Rt Hon Horrace Maybray-King* LLD
The Rt Hon The Lord Yehudi Menuhin* LLD
Professor Reginald Revans* DSc
Professor Andrew Robertson* DSc

An asterisk (*) appears after the name of a deceased honorary graduate.

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