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I-SEE Sustainable Energy & the Environment archive of seminars in 2012

Seminars hosted by I-SEE in 2012.


'Who can you trust? Risk, faith and knowledge in the development of shale gas in the UK'
Matt Georges, Senior Climate Change Advisor, Environment Agency
27 November 2012

'Energy storage: the case for hydrogen'
Dr Graham Cooley, Chief Executive Officer, ITM Power plc
13 November 2012
Watch Dr Graham Cooley's presentation video

'Are buildings evil?'
Professor David Coley, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, University of Bath
6 November 2012
Watch Professor David Coley's presentation video

'Water as if it really matters'
Dr Julian Dennis, Director of Compliance and Sustainability, Wessex Water
23 October 2012

'Green paradoxes: how much should we worry?'
Dr Ian Lange, Senior Lecturer and Director of the MSc Energy Management in the Division of Economics at the University of Stirling
9 October 2012
Watch Dr Ian Lange presentation video

'Education, nature and society'
Professor Stephen Gough, Associate Dean (Graduate Studies), University of Bath
2 October 2012

'Sustainability and responsibility in "The Asian Century"'
Professor Malcolm McIntosh, Asia Pacific Centre for Sustainable Enterprise, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia
26 June 2012

'The energy innovation imperative: what we need and what we might get'
Professor Jim Skea, Research Director of UK Energy Research Centre London / Research Councils UK Energy Programme Strategy Fellow
1 May 2012
Watch Professor Jim Skea's presentation video

'An introduction to tethered wind power'
Dr Oliver Woodford, Toshiba Research Europe Limited
17 April 2012

'The role of fuel cell technology in a low carbon economy'
Professor Nigel Brandon, Director of Energy Future Lab at Imperial College London and Shell Professor of Sustainable Development in Energy
20 March 2012
Watch Professor Nigel Brandon's presentation video

'The Green Agenda: will the varied legislative measures introduced since 2008 deliver the UK Government's ambitious emission reduction targets by 2020 and 2050?'
Linda Fletcher, Legal Director, Pinsent Masons Solicitors London
6 March 2012
Watch Linda Fletcher's presentation video

'The UK Carbon Plan: Role of science and innovation in achieving a transition to a low carbon future'
Dr Nafees Meah, Head of Science, Climate Energy Science and Analysis, Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)
21 February 2012
Watch Dr Nafees Meah's presentation video 'The UK Carbon Plan: Role of science and innovation in achieving a transition to a low carbon future'

'Energy transitions - past and prospective'
Professor Peter Pearson, Director of the Low Carbon Research Institute of Wales, Cardiff University
7 February 2012

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