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I-SEE Sustainable Energy & the Environment archive of seminars in 2013

Seminars hosted by I-SEE in 2013.


'Climate policy developments in Australia and China: what role for carbon pricing?'
Professor Frank Jotzo, Associate Professor, Crawford School; Director, Centre for Climate Economics and Policy; Deputy Director, Australian National University
10 December 2013
Read Professor Frank Jotzo's presentation
Watch Professor Frank Jotzo's presentation video

'The Research Councils’ Energy Programme - Towards a Low Carbon Future - Where should the UK prioritise funding for energy research?'
Dr Jason Green, EPSRC Head of Research Councils’ Energy Programme
26 November 2013
Watch Dr Jason Green's presentation video

'Sustainable energy for all? Linking poor communities to modern energy services'
Sarah Best, Senior Researcher, Sustainable Markets Group, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
12 November 2013 Read Sarah Best's presentation
Watch Sarah Best's presentation video

'Accelerating wave and tidal development through strategic environmental research'
Professor Annie Linley, UK Energy Research Centre/Natural Environment Research Council, University of Exeter
29 October 2013

'Photovoltaic materials and devices: current status and the global market'
Professor Michael Walls, CREST, School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering, Loughborough University
15 October 2013

'The size of the prize: implications of a circular economy. Doing 'good not less harm'
Ken Webster, Head of Innovation, The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Isle of Wight
1 October 2013

'After sustainability, denial, hope, retrieval'
John Foster, Research Fellow in Philosophy, Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion, Lancaster University
30 April 2013
Watch John Foster's presentation video

'"It's no use reducing your footprint if you keep increasing the number of feet": Population growth and the environment' Roger Martin, Population Matters
16 April 2013
Watch Roger Martin's presentation video

'BaleHaus: lessons learnt and way forward for renewable construction materials'
Professor Peter Walker, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, University of Bath
9 April 2013
Watch Professor Peter Walker's presentation video

'Monitoring the environment at marine renewable energy sites: how to measure the sea without getting your feet wet'
Dr Paul S Bell, National Oceanography Centre, Liverpool
19 March 2013

'Biomass: Transforming renewable energy into sustainable energy'
Dr Patricia Thornley, Sustainable Consumption Institute and Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, School of Mechanical Aerospace and Civil Engineering, The University of Manchester
5 March 2013
Watch Dr Patricia Thornley's presentation video

'Organisational engagement in energy efficiency and emissions reduction: Historic observations and forward projections'
Chris Crookall-Fallon, Director, Verco
19 February 2013

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