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I-SEE Sustainable Energy & the Environment archive of seminars in 2015

Seminars hosted by I-SEE in 2015.


'Myths, misconceptions and misunderstanding in carbon management - a pragmatist's insight into the world of saving carbon in a University'
Peter Phelps, Energy and Environment Manager, University of Bath
8 December 2015
Watch Peter Phelps' presentation video

'How can the UK transition to an affordable, secure and sustainable energy system?'
Andrew Haslett, Chief Engineer, Energy Technologies Institute (ETI)
24 November 2015
Read Andrew Haslett's presentation
Watch Andrew Haslett's presentation video

'Security in the UK's energy future'
Professor John Loughhead, DECC Chief Scientific Officer
23 November 2015
Read Professor John Loughhead's presentation

'Why Australia wants Paris to fail - a coal exporting country's perspective on plans to cut global emissions' Dr Richard Denniss, The Australia Institute's Chief Economist
10 November 2015
Read Dr Richard Denniss' presentation
Watch Dr Richard Denniss' presentation video

'Climate Change, does it all add up?'
Professor Chris Budd OBE, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Bath
13 October 2015
Read Professor Chris Budd's presentation

'Living in an Uncertain World'
Professor Richard D Pancost, Director of the Cabot Institute, University of Bristol
29 September 2015
Read Professor Richard D Pancost's presentation
Watch Professor Richard D Pancost's presentation video

'Electric Logic and Electric Love: Driving Sustainable Attitudes in the quest for Sustainable Consumption'
Professor Pierre McDonagh, University of Bath, and Professor Diane Martin, Aalto University Finland 28 April 2015
Read Professor Pierre McDonagh and Professor Diane Martin's presentation
Watch Professor Pierre McDonagh and Professor Diane Martin's presentation video

'Thinking The Twenty-First Century: Ideas For The New Political Economy'
Professor Malcolm McIntosh
14 April 2015

'Ecotricity's Energy Outlook'
Asif Rehmanwala, Ecotricity Limited
17 March 2015
Read Asif Rehmanwala's presentation
Watch Asif Rehmanwala's presentation video

'Is there a better future for UK agriculture?'
Cate Le Grice Mack
17 February 2015
Read Cate Le Grice Mack's presentation
Watch Cate Le Grice Mack's presentation video

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