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International Centre for Higher Education Management (ICHEM) Praxis Circles

We run Praxis Circles, bringing together students, alumni and faculty to develop new insights at the intersection between research and practice.


The Praxis Circles are led by Professor Dan Davies and Professor Rajani Naidoo from the School of Management. They focus on different topics of interest, via regular online and face-to-face discussion. Alumni and ICHEM faculty can take part, along with current DBA and PhD students.


ICHEM Praxis Circles aim to:

  • advance the field of higher education management for the public good by bringing research and practice closer together so they inform each other
  • build the ICHEM community of scholars and managers to build experiential learning, facilitate networking and share innovative practice
  • increase the impact of research on higher education management globally

Current Praxis Circles

The first three Praxis Circles are currently being established on LinkedIn to focus on:

Each Praxis Circle will help to solve problems and generate insights in members' professional lives by:

  • running a discussion thread on issues framed by members' practice and research
  • posting articles and news items of relevance to the circle focus
  • hosting at least two webinars a year, drawing upon the expertise of the members and external speakers.

Find out more

For more information, please follow the links on this page or contact Dan Davies, Director of Higher Education Management Programmes at

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