1.1 These guidelines apply to the University of Bath’s International Foundation Year Progressing Student Scholarship awards for students progressing from the International Foundation Year at Bath College and taking up a place of study at Bath in 2024/25 paying the overseas rate of tuition fees.

1.2 These scholarships are for those international students who achieve academic excellence in their International Foundation Year studies at Bath College.

1.3 Scholarships are credited against your first year tuition fees only. There are 20 awards available worth £2,000 each. No cash alternative can be given.

2. Eligibility and application

2.1 This scholarship scheme has specific eligibility criteria which are set out in this document.

2.2 There is no application process and all awards are automatic. You will be notified by email if we establish that you are eligible for an award.

2.3 These scholarships are open to ‘Overseas’ students only who are progressing from the International Foundation Year at Bath College to undergraduate studies at Bath. If you are a student from the Channel Islands or Isle of Man and have been assessed for fees purposes as an ‘Islands’ student by the University then you are not eligible for these awards. Your fees status is determined by the University as part of your progression to study at the University. If you have questions about your fees status in general you can contact us for advice by emailing admissions@bath.ac.uk. Please refer to our Fees Status Assessment criteria for further information.

The International Foundation Year Progressing Student Scholarship

You need to:

  • be an eligible Overseas fee paying student and
  • subsequently register on a full-time campus based undergraduate degree course and
  • achieve excellence in your University of Bath International Foundation Year studies

If eligible you will receive:

  • a £2,000 first year tuition fee waiver

3. Excellence in your foundation year

3.1 Those who are considered in the top 20 highest academically performing in their University of Bath International Foundation Year studies will be considered for an award.

3.2 Where possible awards will be spread equally across each of the university’s faculties/school. We reserve the right to review the allocation of awards depending on the academic outcomes of students on the University of Bath International Foundation Year programme.

3.3 The University’s decision on the interpretation of eligibility criteria is final and there is no right of appeal.

4. General conditions

4.1 Awards are allocated for 2024/25 entry only. If you defer or withdraw and restart, any award already offered will become void.

5. Other funding

5.1 If you are in receipt of other scholarship funding from your home country or other scholarship that covers the full cost of your tuition fees then you will not be eligible for one of these awards.

5.2 If you are in receipt of partial funding towards your tuition fees from your home country or other scholarship then we reserve the right to prorate your scholarship award.

5.3 This does not include funds from family members.

6. Suspensions and withdrawal from studies

6.1 If you suspend or withdraw from your studies then your award will be calculated on a pro rata basis based on the number of weeks you have been in attendance. You must notify the Scholarships and Bursaries Team of your change in circumstances by emailing undergraduatefunding@bath.ac.uk.

6.2 If there is a deficit of tuition fees due as a result of the award being withdrawn/prorated then you will be invoiced for any payment outstanding.

7. Repeating or deferring your studies

7.1 Your scholarship is valid for your first year of studies only. Scholarship awards will not be paid if you are required to repeat your first year of studies. This includes studying for the same academic year twice even if this is for a different course. For example, if you commenced studies in Year 1 on an Engineering course in 2024/25 then transferred to Year 1 of a Biology course in 2025/26.

8. Disciplinary action and fraudulent applications

8.1 The University reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship from anyone who is found to have misled the University about any aspect of their eligibility and to charge full fees due. In such cases the University may seek to recover outstanding tuition fees as a debt via the county court (in which case it may also seek to recover additional sums such as interest, court fees and legal costs).

9. Appeals

9.1 The University’s decision on the interpretation of eligibility criteria is final and there is no right of appeal. You may make a complaint if you believe that you have not been considered for an award because of a procedural error, or you believe that there has been some other procedural problem with our allocation. Complaints should be made under the terms of our Admissions Complaints and Appeals Procedure.

10. Use of data

10.1 In addition to the University privacy and cookie policy, the University may use data/information you share with us to provide information and advice about the University to you as a student progressing from the University of Bath. Should you subsequently join the University, the University may also use the data to inform our strategies for supporting you as a new entrant, to inform you about provisions that you may be able to access, to monitor student success and for other legitimate reasons. Refer to our web pages for our data protection policies and information about how we use your data as a student.

10.2 We may also use your data in the allocation of any other scholarships that may become available or on offer in partnership with corporate donors and academic departmental or other university awards.

10.3 By accepting a scholarship you are agreeing to these terms.

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Any queries relating to these terms and conditions should be addressed to the Learning Partnerships Office, Department of Undergraduate Admissions & Outreach, University of Bath, BA2 7AY or by emailing: ify@bath.ac.uk