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Investment Sub-Committee Terms of Reference

The terms of reference for the Investment Sub-Committee, including its purpose, functions and procedural rules.

Terms Of Reference

Committee Purpose

  • To provide assurance to Finance Committee on the management of the University's investment, having particular regard to good governance and reputational issues;
  • To oversee the University's investment strategy and all relevant associated risks;
  • To review and monitor endowed, long- and medium-term investments; and,
  • To review the University's Investment Policy, including on hedging, and recommend any changes to the Finance Committee.

Terms of Reference

  1. To review, at least on a triennial basis, the University's Investment Policy and recommend it to Finance Committee.

  2. To determine the allocation of funds for investment in accordance with the Investment Policy.

  3. To propose and agree investment objectives with Finance Committee.

  4. To recommend to Finance Committee the appointment of an investment adviser to support and inform the management of the University's investments.

  5. In the light of advice from the investment adviser, to consider potential investment opportunities. In considering whether to approve an investment opportunity, the Investment Sub-Committee must have regard to relevant University policies, including the Climate Action Framework.

  6. To monitor the performance of fund manager(s)* and, in conjunction with advice from the investment adviser, consider their recommendations against agreed benchmarks and take action as appropriate.

  7. In the light of advice from the investment adviser, to formulate a strategy for the hedging of foreign currency exposures and oversee the implementation of that strategy in line with the Investment Policy.

  8. To consider proposals for new investments and: a. In the case of single investments in excess of £10 million, to make a recommendation to the Finance Committee and Council; b. In the case of single investments of between £1 million and £10 million, to make a recommendation to the Finance Committee; and, c. In the case of single investments of under £1 million, to recommend them to the Director of Finance.

  9. Make a positive contribution to environmental and social impact as described in the Investment Policy.

  10. To review and recommend the annual Treasury Management Strategy to Finance Committee.


Total membership

A maximum of eight members, of whom a minimum of two must be nominated from Finance Committee, including the Treasurer



Ex-officio members

Treasurer and Vice-Chancellor

Other members

External adviser

In attendance

Director of Finance, Deputy Director of Finance and other individuals by invitation only


Member of Governance Office

Procedural Rules


The Vice-Chancellor can nominate an alternate in his/her capacity as the Accountable Officer



Rules for voting

Voting normally by a show of hands on the basis of a simple majority


Submitted to Finance Committee

Terms of Reference

Amendment requires two thirds majority and approval by Finance Committee


The Sub-Committee should meet at least four times in each academic year, at least ten days in advance of the next meeting of Finance Committee


Investment Sub-Committee will review its own Terms of Reference and effectiveness on at least a biennial basis

* an investment professional who oversees the investments within an individual fund or portfolio


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