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Our equipment ensures stable, comparable and accurate measurements for research.


Oxford Instruments Jupiter XR Atomic force microscope

A large area atomic force microscope allows samples up to six inches in diameter to be imaged at up to atomic resolution. Modes available are: ​

  • tapping mode ​
  • continuous mode ​
  • peak force mapping ​
  • phase imaging

​Samples can be imaged dry, or wet using a liquid cell.

Keyence VHX-6000 3D microscope

Images can be captured over large areas by automatic stitching and stacked in the z plane to produce extended depth of focus images.

Nikon XT H 225 ST CT Scanner

An X-ray micro computed tomography instrument allows X-rays to be taken of a sample from many different directions (by rotating the sample). The resulting projections can be used to produce a 3d computer model of the sample.

Anton Paar STeP 4 Micro and Nanoindenter

Indentation systems allow the mechanical properties of materials to be tested at incredibly small scales, including thin films, coatings, or substrates such as hardness and elastic modulus.

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