1. To advise Council on the balance of skills of its members, including on the framework for assessing those skills.

  2. To make recommendations to Council on the appointment of new lay members and the terms of existing lay members, having regard to the balance of skills required by Council and to considerations of equality, diversity and inclusion.

  3. To make recommendations to Council on the appointment of the Chair of Council, the Treasurer, Senior Independent Director and Pro-Chancellors.

  4. To make recommendations to Council on the appointment of members of Council committees and, where appropriate, of Council members of joint committees of Council and Senate.

  5. To advise Council on the appropriate mechanisms for declaring, recording and reporting the interests of members of Council and its committees.

  6. To consider nominations for appointment to Court by Council.

  7. To carry out such tasks as may be delegated to it by Council, and to provide advice to Council, as appropriate.

  8. To produce a forward work-plan and conduct a biennial effectiveness review.


Total membership: a maximum of seven voting members, of whom a minimum of four must be lay members

Chair: Chair of Council, ex-officio

Ex-officio members: Chair of Council (Chair), Vice-Chancellor and President, Chair of Academic Assembly and one Student governor

Other members: other non-voting members by appointment

Secretary: Secretary to Council or a member of their team


In the absence of any specific rules, the procedure is as set out in the Standing Orders of Council.

Quorum: Three voting members, including at least one lay member

Minutes: Submitted to Council and published on website according to Council policy

Approved by Nominations Committee on 6 July 2021

Approved by Council on 14 October 2021