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Our values and how we work

The five values at the centre of the University Strategy 2021 to 2026.


A woman using a sewing machine.
Whilst our roots are in Bath, our reach is global. Image by Roy Maconachie.

Values are at the heart of our strategy for advancement, growth, and impact, defining our characteristics as a community, namely:

  • delivering quality and excellence, whilst being quick to listen and learn
  • nurturing high aspirations, for the benefit of all
  • aspiring to the highest standards of scientific, ethical, and professional integrity, whilst supporting the freedom to challenge received wisdom
  • supporting a sustainable community and adopting best environmental practice
  • fostering inclusion, equality, diversity, and accessibility where the unique value of each individual is recognised as we build a community of trust and care by treating each other with respect

Our Values must also inform our partnerships, whether these be in building purposeful international collaborations, fulfilling our civic roles, supporting and educating our students, or advancing our research.

We are proud of our contributions and track record in education and research, as evidenced by the recognition of the many achievements of our University community. We are also proud to have centres of expertise which recognise the importance of addressing national needs in education and research for the common good, in collaboration with partners.

We appreciate the benefits of diversity within our community and will seek to ensure that our community is one in which all can feel they belong.

Whilst our roots are in Bath, our reach is global. At our heart, we are an inclusive, international community. We believe that global exchange enhances knowledge and enriches experience, and we will continue to seek to attract and welcome warmly students and staff from across the world. Our status as a University of Sanctuary underlines our commitment to supporting students from refugee and asylum backgrounds. Our new strategy seeks to advance our international contributions through our excellence in education and research, and we will seek to build stronger, strategic partnerships to make this possible.

The University is aware of its responsibility to contribute to the global good. We have identified three areas of research strength and focus: Sustainability; Health & Wellbeing; and Digital, all at the heart of the greatest global challenges and opportunities of our time.

We recognise that the climate emergency requires action internationally and locally. The University of Bath was the first UK university to have a Carbon Management Plan and has already implemented successful strategies to reduce carbon emissions, and cut energy and water use. Our research has led to yet greater reductions in carbon emissions through its widespread impact. In recognition of the global climate emergency, the University adopted a Climate Action Framework in 2020. Our Framework seeks not only to reduce our direct and indirect emissions but also to commit to conducting high-impact research for global benefit and to educate students to become future leaders and innovators in the field.

Closer to home, we understand the importance of place and value greatly being part of the beautiful and inventive City of Bath, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and our home for more than 50 years. We aspire to bring not only economic benefit to the local area, but also to share our knowledge and skills, working in partnership with other local organisations and residents whilst being ready to listen and learn. We recognise our actions have local impacts, and want our city to be proud of our University and the talented, caring students who contribute so much and go on to champion Bath throughout their lives.

Our new strategy will see the University further develop its civic role and partnerships, building on our contributions to the economic, cultural, environmental, and social richness of the city and region.

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