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Past winners of the Peter Troughton Research Staff Prize

A list of the past winners of the Peter Troughton Research Staff Prize.


Year Name Department Subject
2023 Dr Jack Binysh Department of Physics Animate Materials: From shape-shifting robots to living matter
2022 Dr Julian Stirling Department of Physics The OpenFlexure Project: Enabling local production of medical grade microscopes in the Global South
2021 Dr Olivia Brown School of Management Exploring right-wing extremism in online spaces: Can we use digital data to predict offline action
2020 Dr Tanmoy Laskar Department of Physics Energetic transient astrophysical phenomena: gamma-ray bursts and electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational wave sources
2019 Dr Mi Tian Department of Chemical Engineering Pores for Thought, Engineering Porous Materials for Sustainable Energy (sponsored by Ede & Ravenscroft this year)

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