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Procurement Strategy

The strategy that we follow to make sure we meet our targets for excellent procurement internally, externally and among peers.


The vision for the Procurement function at the University is to achieve excellence in procurement. We will view the successful achievement of this from three different perspectives.

Internally: Procurement will be a recognised as a key contributor to the achievement of the University’s strategic objectives.

Externally: Procurement will be an ambassador of the University’s professionalism with its supplier community.

Amongst peers: The University’s Procurement function will contribute towards the on-going development of the procurement profession.

Strategic objectives for procurement

There are a number of building blocks that must be put in place to enable the delivery of the vision.

  • a planned approach
  • value for money
  • contract management
  • people and professionalism
  • governance and risk
  • customer focus
  • efficiency and procurement tools
  • collaboration
  • sustainable procurement
  • supplier engagement

Procurement Strategy

Read the current strategy for procurement.

eProcurement Strategy

The eProcurement strategy is the vision and direction for the use of the eProcurement tools at the University and how they bring efficiency measures.

Read the current strategy for eprocurement.


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