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Records Retention Schedule

Rules for the retention and disposal of different types of University records.


To assist in the implementation of the University's Records Management Policy, a Records Retention Schedule has been developed.

The schedule sets out the recommended periods of time for which records should be retained to comply with legal requirements and meet operational needs. It includes all kinds of records, regardless of format, and applies equally to records created, received and maintained digitally and as hardcopy.

The schedule is not a complete list of all the records generated and held by the University. It focuses on key record types and is intended as a support to compliance and good practice. It should be used in conjunction with information management guidance relating to data protection, freedom of information and IT security.

Adoption of the records retention schedule is the responsibility of the relevant records owner, usually the head of service, section or department. Records owners are identified in the schedule.

You can view the University of Bath Records Retention Schedule online.


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