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Redundancy Committee

This page explains the remit of the Redundancy Committee.


The Redundancy Committee is established under University Statute 25 Part II to consider cases for the termination of contracts of academic staff on grounds of redundancy. The majority of such cases relate to the expiry of fixed-term contracts, for example because research funding or a project has come to an end, with a small number of cases arising as a result of structural or organisational change.

The Committee does not consider other types of departure from the University, such as the end of maternity cover, voluntary exit, retirement, disciplinary or capability cases. The redundancy of professional services staff is covered by a separate procedure.

The Committee makes recommendations to Council, which decides whether to authorise a University officer to dismiss each named individual on the grounds of redundancy.

At the start of each year, Council reviews all existing fixed-term contracts to determine whether any cases for redundancy of academic staff members are likely to arise. On that basis it decides whether or not the next two scheduled meetings of the Redundancy Committee should go ahead.

Council can convene additional meetings of the Committee during the year should the need arise.


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