The Policy and guidance should be read in conjunction with the University's Code of Good Practice in Research Integrity; the Intellectual Property Policy; the Institutional Code of Ethics; the IT Security Policy; the University's Data Protection guidance; guidance on Freedom of Information; and the Information Classification Framework.

  1. This policy applies to all research conducted at the University, regardless of whether or not the research is externally funded. It includes research undertaken by research postgraduate students but is unlikely to include taught postgraduate or undergraduate research except in exceptional circumstances. Relevant guidance  
  2. The most senior University of Bath researcher associated with a research project is the Data Steward for that project and is ultimately responsible for research data management. Relevant guidance  
  3. Researchers are responsible for making themselves familiar with and adhering to legislation, contractual obligations and funder policies governing their research data. Where research involves the use of data owned by a third party, researchers must abide by licences or terms of use governing the data. Relevant guidance  
  4. Data management plans are expected to be written for all new research projects, irrespective of whether submission of such plans is required when applying for research funding. Relevant guidance  
  5. Where possible researchers should seek to recover the direct costs of managing research data from the research funder. Relevant guidance  
  6. Researchers must ensure that active research data are stored securely and protected from loss. Data Stewards should ensure that access is not limited to a single person. Relevant guidance  
  7. Researchers must provide sufficient metadata (descriptive information) and explanatory documentation about their research data to ensure that data are discoverable, understandable and re-usable. Relevant guidance  
  8. A statement describing how and on what terms any supporting research data may be accessed must, if appropriate, be included in publications reporting publicly-funded research, and is recommended for publications reporting other research. Relevant guidance  
  9. Research data must be retained after project completion if they substantiate research findings, are of potential long-term value, support a patent application or if there are other legal requirements for data retention. Relevant guidance  
  10. All data that are retained should be registered with the University, whether they are hosted by the University or maintained elsewhere, even if access to the data is restricted. Relevant guidance  
  11. Unless legal or funder requirements specify otherwise, data must be retained for 10 years from the end of the project or the publication date of any research findings based upon them, after which retention will be reviewed. Relevant guidance  
  12. Research data that have been selected for retention must be made openly available with as few restrictions as possible, unless this would breach legislative, regulatory, contractual, ethical or other obligations, or where the cost of doing so would be prohibitive. Relevant guidance  
  13. Research data that are made available should not be assigned licences or terms of use that unnecessarily restrict their management, sharing or use by others. Relevant guidance  
  14. Project websites should be offered to the UK Web Archive for preservation at least 6 months prior to completion of the project. Relevant guidance

Approved by Senate, 9 April 2014. Review due April 2016.

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