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Senate Appeals Committee terms of reference

The terms of reference for the Senate Appeals Committee, including its primary responsibilities and procedural rules.

Terms Of Reference

Terms of reference

  • Approved by Privy Council in 1966.
    • Senate Minute 3966, June 1976. See also Senate Standing Order 20; Composition amended by Senate September 2019, and February 2020.

Procedural Rules


See Section 27 of Statutes, Senate Standing Order 20.


See Senate Standing Order 20.

Appointment of Chair

The Committee will appoint its own Chair who will not be a student or staff member of the University.


See Senate Standing Orders.


See Senate Standing Orders.


At least two members of Council and one staff member of Senate.

Rules for voting

See Senate Standing Order.


Submitted to Senate.

Version information

Owner: Senate Appeals Committee
Version number:
Approval Date: 1966
Approved By: Privy Council
Date of last review: 14 October 2019


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