Terms of Reference

Approved by Privy Council in 1966.

To hear appeals in accordance with Section 27.1 of the Statutes. (Staff Handbook, 1980, page 14 and Senate Minute 3966, June 1976. See also Senate Standing Order 20.)

Procedural Rules

Procedure: Section 27 of Statutes, Senate Standing Order 20.

Membership: Senate Standing Order 20.

Members of this Committee may not be members of the Council Appeals Committee or the Disciplinary Committee of Senate. The two staff members elected from and by Senate may not be members of Council.

Appointment of Chair: The Committee will appoint its own Chair who will not be a student or staff member of the University.

Co-option: See Senate Standing Orders 16(ii) and 16(iii).

Alternates: See Senate Standing Orders 17(iii) and (iv).

Quorum: One third of the membership (Senate Standing Order 16).

Rules for voting: See Senate Standing Order 20(ix).

Minutes: Submitted to Senate.