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Sensors and data

We are developing new sensors and innovative data processing and interpretation for reliable monitoring of water quality, sustainability and system monitoring.


We are developing new sensors for water quality and system monitoring to meet the growing need for robust and reliable sensors in this sector. Data acquisition and water monitoring in small and large systems produces “Big Data” and we are at the forefront of developing innovative approaches to detect and monitor environmentally and technically relevant metrics.

Our research relates to all aspects of sensors and data water research explored by the Water Innovation and Research Centre (WIRC) @ Bath. We are interested in:

  • sensors for water analysis
  • how we use sensor data
  • data transmission and communication
  • integrated systems in the water cycle
  • real-time adaption and forecasting

The possibilities and opportunities offered by modern information and communications technologies (ICT) are countless. Sensors and data will offer sophisticated and smart monitoring and control strategies for managing water resources and the way we use them. ICT will be used to make water use more efficient, warn of systems malfunctioning at an early stage and offer new services to customers.

Ongoing projects:

Past projects:


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