About the tool

Strengthscope® is a world leading, online strengths assessment system that measures an individual’s work-related strengths-underlying characteristics that energise a person, enabling them to achieve their best performance at work.

Understanding of individual strengths can increase self-awareness, improve performance and help to target development. We have a number of trained Strengthscope Practitioners at the University of Bath who can provide tailored feedback sessions to explain individual profiles and explore how to apply strengths to meet goals.

Types of profiles

The tool can provide the following types of profiles:


  • An individual report showing your full strengths profile, your significant 7 strengths, and your strengths in overdrive.


  • An individual report as above, incorporating feedback from stakeholders/colleagues who you nominate. This provides feedback on how effectively you are using your strengths, risks to your performance and recommendations to strengthen your performance.


  • Individual profiles are collated in order to provide a picture of strengths at a team level. This can help to identify how to make the most of strengths within a team, to improve team relationships and to increase performance.

If you would like to use this tool, please email staffcoaching@bath to make your request. We will be happy to advise you of the next steps.