Terms of reference

  • to exercise the functions prescribed in Regulation 8 in relation to the discipline of students.

Procedural rules

Members are appointed to the Panel for a term of two years and will be given the option to renew their appointment at the end of the term.

Membership of Panel

  • Chair (appointed by the Vice-Chancellor)
  • Up to twenty-five other University staff members (appointed by Vice-Chancellor on nomination of the Chairs)

Normally in attendance

  • Student Discipline Manager, or nominee
  • Secretary: Student Discipline Manager
  • Student Discipline Support Officer
  • other as agreed by the Chair


The Chair plus two Panel members.

No member of the Panel shall be a part of any subsequent Appeals process

Version information

Owner: Student Discipline Manager
Version number:
Approval Date: June 1969, 14 October 2019, 9 June 2021, August 2022
Approved By: Senate
Date of last review: August 2022