For internal customers using the online Food Direct system, this can take orders for up to 150 people, with a spend of up to £200.

For larger numbers or spend, contact

Placing an order

Delivery times

Our normal delivery times are between 8am and 5pm on weekdays.

Minimum orders

On-campus orders for catering during normal delivery times have an minimum cost of £25.

Email for the minimum cost if you want to place an off-campus order or request catering for any other time.

Notice of orders

You must place your order at least 72 hours before your event, or 96 hours if your event takes place on a Monday.

We need five working days' notice for orders outside our normal delivery times. These orders are subject to availability.

Orders required after the latter deadlines will be considered, but not guaranteed. If the order can be delivered then a £10 administration fee will be added to the booking.

Order cancellations or changes

Order changes

If you reduce your order by five or more people, we will apply a cancellation charge. The amount we charge depends on when you change the order and by how many people.

Cancellation charges

We will apply different charges depending on how much notice you give us before your event.

Tuesday to Saturday events

  • We will not charge you if you cancel your order more than 72 hours before delivery
  • We will charge you 50% of the order cost if you cancel between 48 and 72 hours before delivery
  • We will charge you the full cost of your order if you cancel less than 48 hours before delivery

Sunday and Monday events

  • We will not charge you if you cancel your order more than 96 hours before delivery
  • We will charge you the full cost of your order if you cancel less than 96 hours before delivery

Changes or cancellation by us

We are entitled to cancel a booking. We will notify you by email if any part of the facilities are closed or otherwise unavailable because of events outside of our control. If this happens we will help you find an alternative supplier with similar items. We will have no other liability to you in these circumstances.

In all other circumstances, we will incur no liability for any failure to fulfil any contractual obligation if any cause beyond our reasonable control prevents us from doing so.

Delivery of order

You must sign the Order Receipt form at the time of delivery or collection.

We may deliver up to ten minutes in advance of your preferred delivered time.

If nobody is available to accept the order, we will leave all items in the requested delivery location.

We will collect your order two hours after the delivery time, unless instructed otherwise. You are responsible for making sure all items are at the collection point.

If the collection point is different to the delivery point, contact us on 07891 790083. If any items are removed from the delivery location, and need to be collected from somewhere else, you will need to pay an additional collection fee.

Any equipment that is not available for the team to collect at the end of the event is automatically charged with a replacement fee.

Missing equipment items can be returned at a later date and a 50% reduction will be applied to the replacement fee.

Missing equipment must be returned to 2 West 2.08 with details of the booking reference number.

Price increases

We revise our prices annually on 1 September. If you book more than one year ahead the prices we quote you will be subject to revision and we will charge you the revised costs.

We will give you notice of any change in prices as soon as we can. If prices increase by more than 5%, you can cancel your booking within seven days of the notification. We will charge you for cancelling your booking if you do not cancel in this time.


University of Bath departments do not pay Value Added Tax (VAT) on any menu item except alcoholic beverages.

Allergen information

If you or any of your guests have any food allergies, intolerances or dietary requirements email