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The economic impact of the University

An independent analysis of the economic contribution the University makes to the UK and the local community.


In November 2021 we commissioned the independent firm BiGGAR Economics Ltd. to analyse the economic contribution the University makes to Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES).

The economy

In total, the operational activities of the University generated £380 million gross value added (GVA) for the economy of Bath and North East Somerset. Beyond the immediate local area, the purposeful activities of the University generated £1.2 billion GVA across the UK and supported 12,080 jobs. Graduates from the University find employment across the UK and tend to have better well-being outcomes and earn more than other graduates.


The report’s findings show that in 2019/20 the economic value that the University created was over four times greater than our income. There were 3,580 people employed at the University and our activities supported an additional 8,500 jobs across the UK.


The report also acknowledges our contributions to the local community, through the efforts of our student community, through our institutional policies, practices and research strengths, and through our alumni network.

Environmental contribution

The findings cover our approach to addressing climate change and the phased targets we have set to become Net-Zero by 2040, as well as our Climate Action Plan to support our own transition and to assist in the wider transition to a low carbon society.

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