The University, as a Public Sector body (“other public sector contracting authority”), follows strict rules around contracting for supplies, services and works over certain threshold values, as defined by EU procurement rules and UK legislation

Additional information can be found on these websites:

  • Office of Government Commerce - Policy and Law
  • European Union in the US

All contracts over these threshold values (£181,302) are advertised via the Official Journal of the European Union or OJEU: EU Publications Office - tenders electronic daily.

Purchasing Services harness, where appropriate, the benefits of collaborative Public Sector contracts such as those arranged nationally via University National Working Parties and the Office of Government Commerce (OGC). The University is also an active member of the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortia (SUPC) one of the major H.E. Sector consortia.

The University of Bath Purchasing Services Team (PST) members each have a distinct area of responsibility and are charged with developing supplier relationships in those areas (category/portfolio management), effectively “key account managing” buyer side. This encompasses and extends to the significant amount of University buying which is still done via local contracts and agreements, which are still usually tendered to ensure fair competition and providing evidence of Value for Money.

Recent PST developments include The University of Bath “Preferred Supplier Programme (PSP)” with it’s specific aim of building closer and more "strategic" relationships with key suppliers, National, Regional and Local, and wherever possible developing appropriate E-Commerce links to reduce costs both to the University and to the Supplier.

PST intend to develop the E-Procurement agenda for the University and to implement Electronic tendering, Marketplace and E-auctions in future where appropriate to do so.

Trading with the University of Bath

All initial enquiries regarding opportunities to supply goods or provide services to the University should be addressed to the relevant Procurement Contracts Manager or the Head of Procurement or by emailing

There is also a guide to assist suppliers understand the processes involved with doing business with the University of Bath.

Approaches made directly to University departments do not guarantee an opportunity to supply as departmental staff will always be advised by Purchasing Services to use appropriate contracts (and therefore contractors) where these exist. Departmental requests to use non-contracted suppliers may therefore be declined. We firmly believe in honouring contractual commitments and that there is integrity in this approach. Tender opportunities are widely advertised in advance.

Once it has been confirmed (either directly by Procurement or by their approval of a departmental “Supplier Request”) that the University wishes to trade with the supplier we will need to gather some basic information about the supplier to ensure that systems records are complete, and to facilitate prompt payment following a supply. This is via a "New Supplier Application" which will be sent by Purchasing Services or the Department to the supplier at the appropriate time.

University of Bath Terms and Conditions

In all cases, the University contracts with and Purchases from Suppliers on our own Terms and Conditions (Goods and Services) unless the work involved is buying consultancy services then the Consultancy Services Terms and Conditions shall apply.