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University Ethics Committee Terms of Reference

The terms of reference for the University Ethics Committee, including its primary responsibilities and procedural rules.

Terms Of Reference

Terms of Reference

1) To provide advice to the Vice-Chancellor, when requested by him/her, on ethical matters that fall within his/her delegated authorities.

2) To keep the University Code of Ethics under review.

3) To consider policy frameworks which may be developed to facilitate a more consistent and appropriate application of the Code of Ethics.

4) To consider the Vice-Chancellor's annual report on ethics in advance of its presentation to Council, and to offer such additional commentary as it believes may be helpful to Council.

5) To consider any ethical matters that might be submitted to it for review by Council or other source.


Total membership Six, with the possible addition of a maximum of two co-opted members at any one time
Term A member may serve for no more than a total of nine (9) years save in exceptional cases.
Chair Vice-Chancellor, except where a matter under consideration does not fall within the Vice-Chancellor's delegated authorities, in which cases the Chair of Council will take the chair
Ex-officio members Chair of Council and Vice-Chancellor
Appointed members Two lay members of Council, one staff member of Council, one student member of Council
Co-members The Chair has the power to co-opt a maximum of two additional members, either for a pre-determined period (of a maximum one year, renewable), or to provide advice on a specific issue. Such members are non-voting.
Attendees The Committee may invite other persons to attend for the whole or part of a meeting, or for a particular item of business.

Procedural rules

Alternates If the Vice-Chancellor is unable to attend any meeting for any reason, s/he may nominate an alternate to attend in her/his place
Quorum Three, including two lay members
Rules for voting Voting normally by show of hands on the basis of simple majority (excluding co-opted members), except for amendments to Terms of Reference (see below)
Minutes Summary report of activity submitted to Council
Terms of Reference Amendment requires two thirds majority and approval by Council

Approved by Council on 25 February 2021


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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