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University Film Collection

A collection of film and video materials relating to the history of the University of Bath.


The University Film Collection comprises material, in various hardcopy and digitised formats, covering a wide range of University-related topics including various stages of campus development, building construction and refurbishment; academic business from teaching and research to programme overviews and award ceremonies; sporting achievements and events; and all aspects of student life.

The Collection contains official material documenting formal institutional occasions, such as the installation of the Chancellor in Bath Abbey, as well as footage of individuals and groups engaged in less formal activities, such as RAG stunts. Some films represent a final, edited production while others are in an unedited, raw footage form. As a whole the Collection provides a detailed and colourful overview of University history offering a richly versatile resource for both internal and external audiences.

Not all the material in this collection may yet be available for consultation. Please email the University Archivist for further details.

Campus TV 1982 - RAG Special


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