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University of Bath's Visitor - His Honour Judge Barry Cotter QC

His Honour Judge Barry Cotter QC has been appointed by the Privy Council as Visitor of the University.


University Visitor

The Visitor’s jurisdiction is limited to adjudicating on petitions from members of the university’s academic staff on the interpretation and application of the institution’s Charter, Statutes, Ordinances etc, provided the point at issue is not an employment dispute.

The function of this role was updated by the Higher Education Act 2004.

The Visitor may consider a petition from a member of the academic staff only if the matter has been raised internally within the institution and the petitioner has been informed that a final decision has been taken.

The Visitor will not normally intervene unless it can be shown that the University has failed to observe its own rules or procedures; or that, although it has followed the proper procedures, it has reached a decision that no reasonable body (properly directing itself, and taking account of all relevant factors) could have arrived at.

Read about petitioning the Visitor.

To contact the Visitor, after internal University processes have been concluded, contact:

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