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Vision for education

The University's vision for education which supports the Driving excellence in education pillar of the University Strategy 2021 to 2026.


Students, sitting in a lecture theatre, paying attention to an offscreen lecturer.
Our courses are designed to inspire students and help them achieve their academic potential.

We have a distinctive educational offer strongly rooted in our ethos of developing exceptional individuals with the ability to make outstanding contributions in the world around them.

We foster advanced knowledge, practical skills, sophisticated understanding, and ambitious aspirations in our students, aiming to equip them for prestigious employment, entrepreneurial and leadership opportunities.

We are an academic powerhouse, where students have opportunities for high-quality placements and integrated study abroad options, combined with research-led curricula drawing on innovative and cross-disciplinary synergies.

Our courses are intellectually bold and academically stimulating, reflecting our strengths in both education and research. These courses are informed by key challenges faced by people, organisations, and societies around the world, and their potential solutions.

Our approach prepares and positions our graduates to play leading roles in responding to these challenges, recognising that effective solutions stem from celebrating collaboration, interdisciplinarity and enterprise.

We provide a wealth of opportunities for our diverse body of students to develop personally as well as academically during their time with us, fostering a spirit of aspiration, empowerment, confidence, and community.

Our graduates leave as rounded and grounded individuals with the cutting-edge knowledge, skillset, and experience to think, work and contribute as global citizens and future leaders.

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