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Water awareness and human behaviour

We are investigating new ways that we can influence domestic and commercial users of water with the aim to reduce costs and improve sustainability.


Water consumption and waste water production are a direct result of people's behaviour so it is important for water utilities to understand how people use their water. Utilities need to know how they can influence water use behaviour to improve the operation of the water supply chain and drainage or sewerage systems, as well as reduce costs and risks to the environment.

Raising people's awareness of the role of water in their lives and how they use it is a key step towards changing behaviour for the better. It is important that we all understand the effect that our water use and habits have on the water environment and water resource management.

The use of tariffs is not effective in influencing human behaviour so alternative approaches are needed to make customers aware of how they can help to improve the water cycle as partners in the process.

Research within the water awareness and human behaviour research them of the Water Innovation and Research Centre (WIRC) @ Bath explores how we can work with citizens in partnership to help better manage and sustain local water systems.

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