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Zeiss CellDiscoverer 7

Find out about our Zeiss CellDiscoverer 7 with LSM900 Multiplex Airyscan Confocal Laser Scanning Fluorescence Microscope.


Light microscope
Zeiss CellDiscoverer 7

The Zeiss CellDiscoverer 7 (BBSRC, BB/W019655/1, Dr. J. Sero) is a fully automated high-content fluorescence microscope equipped with both widefield and confocal modalities. It has 7 LEDs and filter sets ranging from UV to near-IR for widefield and four laser lines for confocal imaging with the laser-scanning confocal LSM 900. In addition to LSM Plus, the CD7/LSM 900 is equipped with multiplexed Airyscan imaging that gives high spatial resolution, with the capacity for super-resolution, and low background. Objective lenses range from 2.5x to 100x magnification, including long working-distance and high NA water-immersion lenses. Time-lapse experiments can be run using full environmental control, including oxygen regulation, and the system contains a pipette port for live-cell experiments. Slides, multi-well plates, and other sample carriers can be used with automatic collar correction and flat-field illumination for high-quality images and quantitative analysis. Image analysis workflows can be automated and run on-the-fly or post-acquisition using the dedicated workstation equipped with a variety of Zeiss segmentation and analysis modules (cell counting, ratiometric analysis, morphometry) and guided acquisition, as well as Arivis for 3D/4D/5D visualisation, deep learning and analysis workflows.


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