Civil engineering

Undergraduate courses starting in 2019

The design, construction and maintenance of the built environment, covering not only buildings and infrastructure, but also the modification of the natural environment.

Civil engineers shape our built environment from bridges, tunnels and roads to canals, railways and airports. By becoming a civil engineer, you can take on the challenge of designing and building the world in which we live and work, in a sustainable way that is fit for the future.

The best new ideas depend completely on the contribution of deep engineering expertise. At Bath, you’ll learn the mathematical and scientific foundation needed to develop designs and ensure they can be built safely. Additionally, you’ll also develop your own imaginative style, breadth of outlook, and ability to work creatively with other disciplines. These are essential for you to use initiative and generate new ideas.

Our civil engineering courses draw on the strengths of a joint department, offering you a different experience from most universities. By working with architecture students, and being tutored by professional architects and engineers, you’ll graduate equipped to see your ideas realised through to constructions that make the world better for everyone.



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‘A civil engineering degree is basically a degree in problem solving, using logical thoughts to put maths behind buildings, bridges, roads, dams, anything.’
Sarah Howell MEng (Hons) Civil Engineering with placement year (2015)