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Civil engineering

Undergraduate courses starting in 2020

Civil engineers design, make and maintain built environments, and help sustain natural landscapes. Their creativity improves our infrastructure to benefit society.

Civil engineers make the world we live in. Every road, bridge, building, harbour, airport or energy facility depends upon the creativity, imagination and skill of civil engineers. As a civil engineer, you'll have the honour of supporting people everywhere in living happy, healthy and productive lives. In the twenty-first century, we must do this in a way that is sustainable. Society needs engineers who can imagine new ways of doing things.

At Bath, you'll develop the knowledge, understanding, and broad skills needed to create the best projects in the world. As well as maths and engineering science, you'll work in teams with architecture students tutored by professional architects and engineers. You'll learn the collaborative skills that are essential for the success of every civil engineering project. When you graduate, you'll be able to see how what we do fits into the bigger picture, and makes the world a better place.



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