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Undergraduate courses starting in 2021

Chemists study the synthesis, properties and structure of matter. You’ll learn how to make the substances we use every day, from molecules to materials.

Explore a range of topics and move seamlessly between areas such as nanotechnology, drug development, sustainability and new materials.

Our practical courses will give you the knowledge and interdisciplinary skills to apply what you’ve learnt to a wide range of problems in chemistry. The core material in the first year of all our courses is the same, giving you the flexibility to switch if you change your mind about what area you’d like to specialise in.

As a student here, you’ll be part of a supportive department with friendly staff, an open-door culture and an active student community, including our chemistry society and Chem Crew student mentors.



Some of our awards, accolades and league table rankings.

‘If you put your heart and soul into this degree, you will get everything back and you will absolutely love it here.’
Elyse (graduate) MChem Chemistry for Drug Discovery (2018)