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International development

Undergraduate courses starting in 2021

International development concerns the global challenge of combating poverty and injustice, so people everywhere may find a better future.

Why does rising material prosperity often bring greater inequality? Are current ways of living and models of growth sustainable? International development investigates and seeks to find answers to these questions.

Centred on Africa, Asia and Latin America, you will learn to apply theories and methods from economics, politics, sociology and anthropology to analyse development problems. Using case studies and diverse forms of data, you will also explore how policies, projects, businesses and people’s movements aim to provide solutions. What works in practice, how, why and for whom?



The awards, accolades and league table rankings for this subject. Data from this course are represented under the broader subject of Economics.

‘The course has just the right amount of analytical depth and a host of amazing lecturers present in our department- an experience that will change your world view forever.’
Nabaa Zaynah BSc International Development with Economics (2019)