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Natural sciences

Undergraduate courses starting in 2021

Natural Sciences is multidisciplinary. You can choose your subjects from biology, biochemistry, chemistry, environmental science, pharmacology and physics.

Natural Sciences allows you to explore more than one science subject at university level, and to follow a broad course or become more specialised. You’ll gain a diverse range of skills and knowledge to be able to approach scientific problems from multiple angles. This is a unique perspective that is highly sought after by employers. It will also allow you to understand the challenges of tackling real-world problems and give you the tools to do so.

You’ll have the chance to broaden your course further with non-science subjects such as education or management.



Some of the awards, accolades and league table rankings for subjects that contribute to the natural sciences degree.

‘You don't just get the depth of one science, you get the breadth of many of them.’
Millie Campbell BSc Natural Sciences (2021)