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Sociology, social policy and social sciences

Undergraduate courses starting in 2021

Social and policy sciences seek to understand how we're shaped by organisations around us. Explore if the foundations of society could be organised differently.

Social and policy sciences use a range of rigorous methods to collect, analyse and present evidence about social life. They provide you with a new lens to see the world and understand people living in different and often dynamically changing social contexts.

You will explore the social causes and consequences of the world’s most pressing problems such as climate change, poor health, threats to expert knowledge, rapid technological change, poverty and inequality.

By thinking creatively about how these challenges might be met you’ll have more scope to hold to account those in power.



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‘The career path for a social scientist is very broad… big companies need social scientists to be leaders and to be more understanding of what’s going on.’
Rebecca Barr BSc Social Sciences (2019)