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Undergraduate courses starting in 2022

During a period of significant political upheaval and uncertainty, this is an exciting time to be studying politics. How is power handled and where does it lie?

There are few more interesting and relevant disciplines than that of politics. You’ll explore current issues at a national and international level, engaging with ideas and issues that push at the boundaries of mainstream politics. You’ll gain methodological skills and deep understanding of our changing world, enabling you to respond to challenges facing contemporary societies.

Our staff have particular expertise in:

  • conflict
  • security
  • climate politics
  • international relations
  • EU and British politics
  • gender
  • nationalism
  • populism
  • radical politics

Our graduates work in the civil service, private and voluntary sector, banking, finance, media, and national, European and international organisations.



The awards, accolades and league table rankings for this subject.

‘This degree is really preparing me quite well for my future because it's giving me the choice to either work straight away or go into graduate study.’
Felix BSc Politics and International Relations (Graduating year, 2020)