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Sport, exercise and health

Undergraduate courses starting in 2022

The study of sport explores the impact of sport, exercise and health on individuals and society.

You could explore sport, exercise and health, coaching, management, leisure and physical activity, and how the body works. You don’t need to be good at sport to take a sports degree.

Your study of sport could incorporate many other academic fields. These include:

  • physiology
  • psychology
  • anatomy
  • biology
  • biochemistry
  • engineering
  • chemistry
  • politics
  • management
  • education
  • sociology
  • cultural studies

Courses cover anything from exercise physiology to the relationship between sport and the media.

Our graduates work for a range of employers including sport science support, public health, exercise medicine, education, management, coaching and development.



All our sport, exercise and health undergraduate courses are grouped by league tables under the broad category of Sport Sciences or Sport-Related Subjects.

‘We provide hands-on scientific and practical skills learning, alongside a broader appreciation of how this fits with the wider public health agenda.’
James Bilzon Professor