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Mathematical sciences

Undergraduate courses starting in 2023

Mathematics bridges the gap between the theoretical and physical worlds and is crucial for many other subjects from the physical and social sciences to management and business.

Our courses will give you a strong theoretical and practical understanding in mathematics, statistics and computing. At Bath we also aim to give you an appreciation of the scope, value and beauty of mathematics. From that solid start, you'll become highly adept at problem solving and ready for a successful career in many fields.

Placements and study abroad

All our courses include the option of a professional placement or study abroad, where you can take advantage of our excellent links with industry and leading research institutions. They are a great way to gain valuable experience to add to your CV, try out a possible career path or experience a new culture.

Course comparison

We offer three single-honours courses in mathematical sciences, each with a wide range of optional units after year one. You may switch between Mathematics and Mathematics and Statistics at any stage during year one, while switches to or from Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science can be done at the end of year one if you obtain a sufficiently high mark.

  • Mathematics. You'll gain specialist knowledge in pure mathematics with core options in applied mathematics and/or statistics. The MMath option is for you if you want a more in-depth study experience in preparation for research in mathematics.
  • Mathematics and Statistics will give you specialist knowledge in pure and applied mathematics with a particular focus on statistics.
  • Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science will give you a range of skills in applied mathematics, programming, statistics and data analysis, leading to a career in data science or a related field. This degree emphasises practical skills over mathematical proof, so it may be more suitable for you if you have not studied Further Mathematics at A-level.

Alternatively, you may consider one of the joint honours programmes in Economics and Mathematics, Computer Science and Mathematics, or Mathematics and Physics, which are offered by other departments.

You can watch course videos and find out more about living and studying at Bath by visiting our Mathematical Sciences Virtual Experience page.



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‘You won't really know what something's like until you truly try it out. It's really cool that Bath gives you the opportunity to experience all those paths.’
Max Antson MMath Mathematics (Graduating year, 2019)