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Undergraduate courses starting in 2024

Economics is a social science examining how consumers and producers make choices, and how these affect the supply and demand for resources and their prices.

Economics helps us answer questions such as:

  • How should the Government allocate scarce resources to maximise society’s welfare?
  • How to best tackle problems like climate change, NHS waiting lists, and productivity issues?
  • How can economic policy reduce income equality?

You will learn how to analyse complex data and solve quantitative problems, and apply these skills to real-life economic challenges.

Many of our economics graduates go on to pursue a range of careers in both the private and public sectors. All economics courses have the option of a professional placement and/or study abroad experience.



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‘The academics and lecturers, they are fascinating. You can really tell, during lectures, their passion for the subject.’
Constantinos Zachariades BSc (Hons) Economics (Graduating year, 2024)