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Integrated mechanical and electrical engineering

Undergraduate courses starting in 2024

Learn about the design and manufacture of electrical and mechanical devices, technologies and systems by combining the core elements of both engineering sciences.

Mechanical and electrical engineering underpin many of the technologies that support how we live such as transport, energy and communication. To advance these technologies, industries need more from their engineers than expertise in one discipline. They want graduates who understand how to combine mechanical and electrical engineering to tackle complex problems.

Our course brings together these two subjects to give you the multidisciplinary skills needed to work in engineering industries worldwide. We regularly review our course with input from industry to make sure that we give you a study experience informed by modern industrial practice. When you graduate, you’ll have the integrated knowledge to make a valuable contribution to a range of industries. You could be developing the next electric car, designing unmanned air vehicles for humanitarian aid, or finding ways to increase the efficiency of sustainable energy sources.



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