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Chemical engineering

Undergraduate courses starting in 2025

Chemical engineering benefits society and the environment by combining science and mathematics to develop new and sustainable technologies, processes and products.

Chemical engineers change the world by transforming ideas into products and services in an ethical, safe, responsible and efficient way. With a chemical engineering degree, you're equipping yourself to tackle some of our most important societal challenges and improve quality of life. You could have a role in providing clean water and sanitation, recovering valuable materials and energy from waste, developing and delivering food, or improving healthcare and chemical products.

Shape your degree experience

We offer BEng and MEng courses with and without a placement year. Our MEng degrees give you an in-depth study experience through advanced taught units and project work. They also fulfil the educational requirements you need to become a Chartered Engineer. By choosing to take a placement year during your degree, you’ll get to put your theory into practice and earn a wage while you work alongside professional engineers.



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‘Chemical engineers are improving our quality of life. Is this something you want to do?’
What is chemical engineering? Find out in our two-minute video.