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Undergraduate courses starting in 2025

Studying education is your chance to understand how humans develop and transform through learning.

It explores the social, economic and political factors that influence how people gain knowledge and skills during childhood and beyond.

You’ll study topics like:

  • young people’s educational development
  • creating equal and sustainable educational environments
  • how governmental policies and educational practices impact learning

Through a blend of sociological, psychological, political and philosophical approaches, you’ll identify and examine the barriers to learning faced by many around the world. You’ll then learn about how to challenge these problems and positively impact people’s lives.

Our course in this subject is delivered by the Department of Education, with relevant units taught by the Department of Psychology.



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‘Children are the future. I think we need to give them opportunities so they can be individuals in society.’
Charlotte Cowley BA (Hons) Education with Psychology (Graduating year, 2018)