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Modern languages

Undergraduate courses starting in 2025

Being able to communicate effectively in other languages can open exciting personal opportunities in your career and life.

Strong communication skills are invaluable in an increasingly globalised society. Whether learning at beginner (ab initio) or advanced level, by studying our Modern Languages course you’ll work to achieve fluency in your chosen languages. You’ll also enhance your understanding of other cultures, learn about the geographical nuances of language, and explore different ways of life.

The skills you’ll gain will be transferable to a wide variety of careers. Our graduates go on to work in diverse areas, such as translation and interpreting, diplomacy, the civil service, marketing and advertising, international organisations, education, and journalism.

Language choices

You will study two languages during your degree.

You must choose at least one advanced-level language from:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

You will also choose a second advanced-level language (French, German or Spanish), or any one of the following languages at ab initio (beginner) level:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Mandarin
  • Russian
  • Spanish

For both advanced and ab initio-level pathways, you’ll also learn about the cultures, societies and histories of the countries in which your languages are spoken.

Combine languages with management or politics

You can also study your chosen language alongside either international management or politics.

International Management and Modern Languages

This course allows you to learn about the business environment in an international context. You’ll develop your management and intercultural skills, work or study abroad and become fluent in either French, German or Spanish.

International Politics and Modern Languages

Blend study of a language with learning about politics across the globe. This combination will prepare for a range of international careers. You can choose from a variety of language options at advanced or beginner levels.

Explore BA (Hons) International Politics and Modern Languages



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‘I love the University and the city. I think our teachers are so motivated and enthusiastic, and they really transfer their passion for the languages and the culture onto us.’
Harriet Woodman BA Modern Languages and European Studies (French and ab initio Italian) (Graduating year, 2020)