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Robotics engineering

Undergraduate courses starting in 2025

Learn how to design, build and program the robots needed for industries and applications now and in the future.

Whether used for humanitarian aid, to detect bombs, explore the ocean depths or outer space, robotics is here to stay in our lives and across industries worldwide. And with this rise in new technologies comes new demands.

Developing the next in robotics and automation depends on a type of expertise. It needs engineers who can combine theory and technical learning in mechanical engineering, electronic and electrical engineering, and computer science. At Bath, we want to see you do great things when you graduate so we've designed our degrees to give you the training and experience to rise to this challenge.

On our courses, you'll navigate the world of robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence. You'll explore how they are shaping innovation and how you can use them to solve some of our most pressing global crises, like climate change and sustainability.

Having technical knowledge and skills are important. But we also recognise the role of creativity, and confidence to test, fail, test again, to flourish as a great engineer. So we encourage you to be bold and explore your potential through solo and group projects, practical work in our labs, and professional opportunities on our placements scheme.



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