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Sociology, social policy and social sciences

Undergraduate courses starting in 2025

Social and policy sciences help us understand how we’re shaped by the institutions, cultural norms, and political and economic values around us.

Our courses aim to provide you with a new lens to see the world. You’ll explore if and how the foundations of society could be organised differently, and develop your understanding of challenges faced by people living in different social contexts.

You’ll learn about the complex social, political and economic factors behind global issues like climate change, public health, technological change, poverty and inequality.

Graduates often go on to work in government, third sector and business-related roles, as researchers, civil servants, international consultants, or journalists.



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‘Social science makes you that inquisitive thinker and that challenger, which I think a lot of employers actually really look for.’
Caitlin Mursell BSc (Hons) Social Sciences graduate