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University of Bath


Details of our upcoming events, including conferences, public lectures, arts performances and exhibitions and sporting fixtures.

  • Cake in the Commons 2019/20

    1 Sep 2019 10.30AM Graduate Commons, 10 West 5.01, University of Bath

    Take a break from your research every Friday morning from 10:30am and grab yourself a drink and a sweet treat.

  • Development courses and programmes for staff

    1 Feb 2020 9.00AM On Campus, University of Bath

    February and March staff course dates are now published. Courses include Finance for non-Finance Managers, Effective meetings and Coaching Conversations.

  • Presentation Support Sessions

    10 Feb 2020 6.15PM 8 West 2.15, University of Bath

    These sessions are for students who already have a presentation they have been working on and would like specific support or advice.

  • Discussion Skills 10-week course

    11 Feb 2020 6.15PM Claverton Down Campus, University of Bath

    This course will help you improve your vocabulary, fluency and develop your spoken English skills to help you feel more confident when communicating in English.

  • One-off Academic Writing Sessions

    11 Feb 2020 6.15PM University of Bath

    This series of workshops for students who want to focus on improving their academic writing but aren't able commit to a 10-week course.

  • Critical Writing 4-week course

    12 Feb 2020 2.15PM 8 West 1.33, 8 West 1.33, University of Bath

    Get help to develop and present your own ideas and arguments in your assignments by learning to include analysis and evaluation in your writing.

  • Critical Reading 10-week course

    12 Feb 2020 2.15PM Claverton Down Campus, University of Bath

    Find out about how our long course can help you to improve the skills needed to find, evaluate and analyse the texts you will read for your studies.

  • Presentation Skills 10-week course

    12 Feb 2020 2.15PM Claverton Down, University of Bath

    This course can help you develop your presentation skills and improve your confidence when you give presentations.

  • Presentation Skills 4-week course

    12 Feb 2020 4.15PM 1 West 2.02, 1 West 2.02, University of Bath

    This course is useful if you have some experience presenting and want to further improve your skills and develop your presentation structure.