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University of Bath


Details of our upcoming events, including conferences, public lectures, arts performances and exhibitions and sporting fixtures.

  • Master's Study Live Chat

    14 Oct 2020 11.00AM Online

    If you're considering studying a Master’s degree at the University of Bath in 2021 or beyond, attend a Live Chat event and get your questions answered.

  • Autism Summer School 2021

    Cancelled 25 Aug 2021 12.00PM The Chancellors' Building, University of Bath

    This residential event at the University of Bath allows students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to experience aspects of university and student life.

  • Is it time for Universal Basic Income?

    6 Oct 2021 9.00AM Online

    Organised with Bristol Festival of Ideas, this conference brings together leading thinkers, politicians and policymakers to debate economic change and UBI.